December 13, 2019

How to set Azure agent capabilities for QA Automation tasks

  December 13, 2019
For  every agent we add to the agent there are some set of default capabilities, which shows several details about the agent system.

We can see these capabilities from Azure website it self as below when we select an agent.

This will give us an exact idea about our agent system regarding its's hardware and software capabilities.

Apart from these we have option to set our own custom capabilities to these agent from ADO website itself.

Setting these will help us to uniquely identify agents from our agent pool.\

In above example , i have given the capability VM = true for all agents which are VM machines.

So when used in pipeline or release we can filter out these agents from the agent pool to run our jobs.

In below example we have filtered out the agents with capability VM = true in a release pipeline to run our jobs.


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