March 15, 2021

How to handle OpenQA.Selenium.ElementClickInterceptedException: element click intercepted

  March 15, 2021

 This exception will be thrown by selenium mostly while loading a page. If our application is an angular application chance of this exception is more.

Most probably a spinner or any other loading page will be blocking our code from clicking the desired object.

One such scenario is shown below, where a spinner blocks our element to click.

OpenQA.Selenium.ElementClickInterceptedException: element click intercepted: Element <a class="secondary-color" style="border-width: 2px; border-style: solid; border-color: red;">...</a> is not clickable at point (1239, 86). Other element would receive the click: <div class="spinnerTemplate">...</div>

Here instead of our object, the script will try to click on the spinner and fails.

This issue can be solved by providing adequate wait or by adding element-ready conditions before clicking on the desired element.

A sample code is given below.

/// <summary>
/// Wait for element visibility for the specified time
/// </summary>
/// <param name="elementIdentifier"></param>
/// <param name="intTimeSec"></param>
public void waitForElementClickable(string strElementIdentifier, int intTimeSec = 30)
	writeLog("info", "Waited for the element and found : " + strElementIdentifier);
	WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(driver.WrappedDriver, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(intTimeSec));


/// <summary>
/// Method to click on an element
/// </summary>
/// <param name="elementIdentifier"></param>
/// <param name="ElementName"></param>
public void clickElement(string strElementIdentifier, String strElementName = "")
	writeLog("info", "Clicking on element : " + strElementName);


Thanks for reading How to handle OpenQA.Selenium.ElementClickInterceptedException: element click intercepted

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