October 17, 2022

Steps to get Tricentis Tosca Trial license activated (60 Days)

  October 17, 2022

TOSCA is an automation tool that can do functional and regression testing for software products. It also includes GUI, command line interface, integrated test management, and API.

If we want to try out Tosca beforehand, we can apply for the trial version with 60 days free license.

If we visit the Tosca website, we can see below options

But as you noticed, there is no Free Trial option for Tosca tool.

You can follow the below steps to get a demo version of Tosca

1. Navigate to Tricentis Support Hub - Home - Tricentis Support and click on Register

2. Create an account in Tricentis using your organization's email address

3. Once you’re in the License Portal, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

4. Select whether a Cloud or On-Premise license is required. We recommend a Cloud license.

5. Select Submit License Request. Your license will be valid for 60 days.

6. By activating a training license, the products download page is also activated. If you require the product download, navigate to https://support-hub.tricentis.com/open?id=downloads and download the relevant product.

Now open the installed Tosca License configuration tool and select Connect

Select the first option as below and click Ok

Now login with the Tricentis account you created to activate the trial license.

Then open the Tosca commander tool, and the trial license will be automatically validated.


Thanks for reading Steps to get Tricentis Tosca Trial license activated (60 Days)

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